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figman 2010-10-05 12:38 PM

Help Can you make many emails link as notes
Does anyone know of a script or an easy way to do the following:

Scenario: I get 30+ emails related to a project in OF and I want to keep the info all together

Desire: A way to send emails one by one as they arrive and create a link in the note of a project so as to know they are no a to-do, but simply related to the project

Do Not Want To: I do not want to use drag and drop because it makes me lose focus and I am a keyboard junky

Possible Solutions: _________________________________________

whpalmer4 2010-10-05 12:59 PM

Well, one could certainly write an Applescript that appended a link to an email to a project's notes, but how do you propose to identify the target project?

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