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Patrick923 2011-07-13 04:04 PM

Server Requires Authentication

I don't get on here very often because Omnifocus usually works just fine. I just upgraded to version 1.9.1 and now when I start up Omnifocus I get a message that says "The server "" requires authentication, and am provided with two places to insert for "Name:" and the other for "Password:" I take this to mean I should enter my name and password for "" so I do that, but then the same splash screen appears.

If anybody has an idea of what is going on, please let me know. Any and all tips appreciated.

Best Regards,


Lizard 2011-07-13 05:23 PM

Is MobileMe your usual way of syncing?

Patrick923 2011-07-14 07:45 AM

I'm not sure. Once I set it up I never looked at it or thought about it again. How do I find out?

Lizard 2011-07-14 09:56 AM

Sync is configured in the Sync preferences pane, accessible from the OmniFocus menu.

I have a vague recollection that things can get confounded if your keychain gets multiple entries for MobileMe. It may be easiest to work one-on-one with one of our Support Ninjas to hunt this down. [email][/email] or 800 315-6664 or +1 206-523-4152

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