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mgorman85 2012-03-21 03:19 AM

Single Action bucket lists
I've been a long time OmniFocus user, but there's been one thing (that I think might be a bug?) that's been driving me crazy for a long time now. I have a couple of Single Action lists that I use as buckets to hold varying single actions based more on areas of responsibility. I don't want those buckets to go away, so I try to un-check the "mark complete when completing last item" in the inspector, but for some reason after a period of time, it automatically gets checked again. Am I doing something wrong, or am I trying to get it to do something it's not designed to do? Thanks.

whpalmer4 2012-03-21 06:03 AM

That checkbox should only change state on user command. Do you have the default for new projects to be completed automatically? I also make extensive use of SALs, but have not seen this behavior. One likely difference is that I do not autocomplete new projects by default. I do not know if that is significant.

As a safety measure, you could add a dummy action with a start date far in the future to any SAL where auto completion is unwelcome.

Do you use OmniFocus syncing?

Whenever this bug happens, you should immediately contact Omni support. It may be possible to find a clue as to why this happens by looking at the transaction history in your database. That history may not linger for long, so don't delay once you notice it has happened again.

mgorman85 2012-03-21 06:59 AM

I think I might have figured it out. I'm using the latest version of all the OmniFocus apps. If I uncheck the "mark complete" box, and then add a task to one of those lists on an iOS device, and then sync, the "mark complete" box gets checked again.

mgorman85 2012-03-21 06:59 AM

Oh, and I use the OmniSync Server.

Lizard 2012-03-21 08:56 AM

Adding a task to a project is a change to the project.
Changing a setting like "mark complete when completing last item" is also a change to the project.
It appears that we don't merge these two changes correctly.
After setting the 'mark complete' setting,
- sync the mac
- then sync the iOS device
Now it should be safe to add actions to the project, and the setting will persist properly.

Obviously, that's just a workaround, and we should look into fixing this.

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