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zay 2011-01-17 02:28 PM

Pls help me control which columns get exported

Trying to export to .archive format then save as pdf then import as googledoc, all working files but annoying that I can't work out how to control which columns get exported - I particularly do not want to export start date, and even though I can turn the column off in view it still gets exported.



RobTrew 2011-01-18 11:57 AM

Is this an export of the whole document, or just of selected material ?
What degree of formatting / layout sophistication are you after ?

Not quite sure that I understand your work-flow description - .archive --> PDF ?

There are various ways of exporting a sub-set of columns - (particularly if you use applescript or a shell script) but it would be easier to make a recommendation if I understood what kind of output you were looking for.

Do you, for example, need to preserve indentation of nested actions ?


whpalmer4 2011-01-18 12:57 PM

A quick and dirty hack that might do what you need: export your entire database to .archive format. Close OmniFocus. Double-click on the exported file, which will launch OmniFocus and only open that data. Now select the entire database, bring up the inspector, set start date to today. Now clear the start date field in the inspector and tab to a different field. This should erase every start date in the document. Rejoin your previous workflow with no start dates in sight.

Quit and relaunch OmniFocus to get back to your usual database.

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