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Lizard 2012-03-16 04:47 PM

OmniFocus for Mac 1.10.1 [Omni store only]
The copy of OmniFocus 1.10 available on our site did not work properly on 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6. It caused a keychain prompt every time the app attempted to sync.

We've fixed the issue, and posted a new version (1.10.1) in the usual places.

The keychain will still prompt the first time you run the new version, because it's a new version. But after that, it should just sync silently, like it used to.

Sorry for the nuisance.

If you missed the 1.10 release notes, you can check them here: [url][/url]

(There will be no MAS 1.10.1 because this issue had no impact on Mac App Store customers.)

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