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darco 2008-09-20 05:51 PM

iCal Sync : Support CalDAV Calendars [See "Replacing Calendar Sync" thread.]
I've just started using OmniFocus, and so far I have found it to be absolutely wonderful!

One thing that would be really helpful would be the ability to sync to any read/write calendar in iCal instead of only the local ones.

I realize that this is complicated by the fact that only the local calendars likely have sync interfaces. Luckily, CalDAV is (relatively) straightforward to implement... The basic ability to associate a context with a specific CalDAV calendar would be extraordinarily helpful, because then I could easily set up a shared context with my fiancee.

T'would be great if the whole omnifocus database could be stored via CalDAV, but something in my gut tells me that even if that were possible that iCal would likely butcher it.

synth01 2008-10-15 08:47 AM

I strongly second this notion. I should have made sure before purchase but not being a techie, calDAV issues didn't even cross my mind. I use iCal with google calendar calDAV intergration and those calendars don't show up as sync options within OmniFocus. I rely on google calendar for calendaring needs, and iCal without it just isn't useful.

Is sync support for calDAV calendars on iCal in the development horizon?

Brian 2008-10-15 01:14 PM

CalDAV calendars aren't supported on 10.4 - since OmniFocus 1 needs to maintain compatibility with that version of the OS, they aren't supported in current versions.

This is one of the things on our to-do list, but I can't quote you a specific timeframe when they might be supported.

If this means that OmniFocus doesn't work for your purposes, you should contact our sales folks: we have a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy. Sorry!

henrihoffmann 2009-01-26 03:10 AM


one more vote for caldav syncing. I have more than one product (e.g. Officetime) which are able to sync locally or to a iCAL CALDAV sync'ed calendar.

Couldn't you use the same technique?

Thanks a lot in advance


oscarmeier 2009-04-06 02:34 PM

This would be a great feature, with gmail's CalDAV now enabled nicely for iCal.

kayru 2009-05-30 11:58 AM

I also second this. CalDAV sync from desktop [I]and[/I] iphone apps would make OF perfect!
If CalDAV is only supported in 10.5, then can we not just have the codepath that deals with it enabled when running under 10.5? Folks with 10.4 would still sync to local iCals and everyone would be happy :)

j.a.duke 2009-08-07 10:17 AM

Supporting CalDAV is one of those features that I need.

I have my "real" calendars as CalDAV so I can see them from anywhere, even if I don't have my MacBook or iPhone with me.

Looking forward to seeing this in the near future.


madenton 2009-08-07 12:04 PM

Brian from Omni wrote his reply nearly 11 months ago. Perhaps he can update us with what plans, if any, OmniFocus is making for supporting CalDAV calendars?

Ken Case 2009-08-07 12:16 PM

The underlying issue was that 10.5 added support for CalDAV calendars, but didn't add support for accessing them through the standard SyncServices API. This issue is being fixed by Apple, so no change to OmniFocus will be necessary.

ExpediterSF 2009-09-08 01:33 PM

Any ETA on a fix for this?
Hi Omnifolks,

Thanks for the great products. :)

With Snow Leopard now out, do you have any more info on when it may be possible to sync with these non-local iCal calendars?

This would help fill in some much needed functionality for my clients with multiple OmniFocus users within their teams. We want to see more support for the Delegate part of Do, Defer, Delegate!


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