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vooheese 2011-03-20 09:14 AM

output from Omnigraffle
How can I export the project from Omnigraffle that it can be present as a prototype. I am working on a apps interface design on Iphone 4. I get the panel of Iphone from graffletopia and almost done the job. But I realize that I cannot export the file in a proper way to say I can show it to others.

There are many lays need to go through by my settings. What I can do is to export with GIF or JPG which is not dynamic, so can someone help to figure it out.

john.gersh 2011-03-21 05:52 AM

The simplest way is to attach navigation actions to the objects representing control items in your prototype diagrams. Clicking a button, for example, jumps to the canvas for the next screen or a canvas with a dialog opened. Then, export the document as an HTML Image Map. That produces a set of image-map pages in which the actions are turned into links from one page to another. This works fine for simple prototypes. Keeping track of all the links can get somewhat complex for more complicated ones, though. It's essential in that case to give very descriptive names to canvases and objects.

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