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joshsmoore 2011-03-01 06:24 AM

Can a context do a map search for multiple stores? [A: See thread.]
Hi, I am trying to organize my contexts so that my errands appear in multiple map searches. An example of what I want to do is my grocery list. There are several grocery chains that I buy from so I want my grocery items to appear on the map for any one of those stores (not just one chain). I have tried to organize my context like this:

Chain a (with the search term as the search name)
Chain b (with the search term as the search name)

I was hoping that tasks I put into context "Chain b" would appear on the map where ever there was a grocery store in Chain a or Chain b in my area. However, that is not how it worked. The tasks in Chain b only appear when I am close to a store of Chain b not one of Chain a. I know I could go with something general like "groceries" as the search term but that has to many hits. So if anybody has any suggests on how to solve this problem I would appreciate your thoughts.



Brian 2011-03-01 03:13 PM

Welcome to the forums, Josh! What you want to do here is an "address or search" location to the Chain B context. The search for that context should look like this:

[CODE]"Chain a" OR "Chain b"[/CODE]

Putting the name of each chain in quotes will ensure that the map only shows you results that exactly match the name, and the capitalized OR in between them means that results for either search will be shown. Does that help?

whpalmer4 2011-03-01 10:18 PM

Expanding on the concept a bit, you could go with a hierarchy of contexts, if you have some items you prefer to get at a particular store, and others where any of your stores would do.

Grocery stores (Location: "Target" OR "Costco" OR "Safeway")
-- Target (Location: "Target")
-- Costco (Location: "Costco")
-- Safeway (Location: "Safeway")

Stuff you are happy to buy at any store you put in the Grocery stores context. You only want to buy orange juice at Costco, so you put "Buy OJ" in the Costco context. Safeway has a deal on Coke this week, so "Buy Coke" goes in the Safeway context. You need some bread ASAP, and don't care which store you buy it from, so you put that in the Grocery stores context.

Look at the map and you'll see the Safeway context next to the nearest Safeway location, with an action to "Buy Coke". Similarly, Costco will have a "Buy OJ" action at the nearest Costco. The Grocery stores context will show up at the nearest location of any of the three stores and will have the "Buy bread" action. Go to a store, buy everything on the store-specific list, then check the parent list (Grocery stores) for anything else you can do while you are there.

mcogilvie 2011-06-11 10:30 AM

I don't think having only the [B]nearest[/B] store show in searches is the desired functionality. On my way home from work, I might want to look at my grocery store options given that I have another errand to run. I think I remember the iPhone app showing multiple locations, but I could be wrong.

whpalmer4 2011-06-11 11:14 AM

It's always been the nearest match per context.

On the iPad, if you scroll the map around, you'll be given the option to redo the search in the shown area, which allows you to explore your options a bit.

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