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Leon Starr 2009-10-08 08:25 AM

Select child item from list view?
I've got two items grouped and I want to do an operation on the one in the background. I see the group in the list view and my inclination is to double click it so that the child items appear so I can select the one in the back. But, no... Is there clever way to select that item in the back from list view? If not, I can always use the inspector I suppose,... Anyway, please let me know - thanks.

(Running version 5.2 - hey, where's my signature???)

Joel 2009-10-08 09:02 AM

You can't expand out a group in the Layer List sidebar, however you can do so in the Outline Editor, provided all you need do is change the label of the component of the group.

If you need to change the style or size of a group's individual components without ungrouping, you can click on the group and click a second time on the object you want to edit to sub-select it, make your changes, and then move on.

Agreed that we should allow sun-selection like this from the List view as well as the Outline Editor, hopefully we can implement that in the future.

Leon Starr 2009-10-08 09:15 AM

Thanks for the quick response! I should have added that my group consists of two items equally sized. And the one I wanted to edit was BEHIND. So the canvas click inside, select method doesn't work very well. So I had to do ungroup, move to back, edit, move to back, group, risking the inadvertent translations in the process. Thus my vote for this feature! The List View, by the way, is one of the most AWESOME, distinctive features of omnigraffle.

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