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welsh11 2010-08-03 01:27 AM

Text Editor inspector
Hi there,
Love the framework, excellent work.

I'm currently running through the text editor example code.
I have an inspector button up on the toolbar, but I'm scratching my head on how to actually get an inspector to show up on screen to modify the selected text.

Any help or sample code would be very much appreciated.

Tim Wood 2010-08-04 07:47 AM

In OUIEditableFrame.m, you'll find this line of code:

self->flags.showInspector = 0; // Temporarily disabling the text style inspector since it isn't quite ready for prime time

None of our apps (yet) use the text style inspector, so while we are still working towards fixing its bugs, we leave it disabled.

At one point we had the text inspector come up from the inspector toolbar item. I'm not sure if it does that at the moment, but it definitely is included on the text selection context menu.

welsh11 2010-08-04 11:04 AM

Thanks for that Tim.

I managed to get it working the hard way by implementing the OUIInspector delegate in the AppController and firing it off from the showInspectorFromBarButtonItem method on the toolbar.

Setting the self->flags.showInspector makes it run from the context menu not the inspector button.

Looks good though!

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