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mattydj 2007-05-27 07:43 PM

Protect shape properties
Is there any way to protect selected shape properties ?
I know that a shape can be completely locked, but what I have in mind is (for example) the ability to protect the aspect ratio - effectively 'forcing' shift-drag behaviour when ever a shape is re-sized.

I'd like to use this for my stencil shapes so that they can be re-sized without morphing.

I can see the Maintain aspect ratio check box in the properties inspector but that only seems to work when the fields are used to enter the size - it doesn't have any effect when re-sizing shapes with the mouse.

Hope 2009-10-22 03:43 PM

Resurrecting old thread
It's been a while since this question was posted - but I've got the same question, and a variation: I would like shapes to keep their aspect ratio and expand to fit text when "wrap to shape" is selected. It seems that as it stands, the width of the shape stays constant, but the height changes. Help?

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