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wilsonng 2013-07-16 08:10 PM

Then rock the vote!

Send feedback to OmniFocus through the OmniFocus app. Voice your opinion and it will get logged into the support database. The more votes a particular feature request gets, the more likely it will get the developer's attention.

Sending feedback will stand a better chance of your request getting logged. Your post/request might get lost in the numerous posts that are posted every day and may take longer to get the vote logged into the support database.

NickHibma 2013-07-17 02:17 AM

Done that, and none of them has been fixed, not even the trivial layout bugs (*). On this topic I've sent them examples of other tools, explained in brief and long e-mails what I am looking for (see earlier posts). The same answer: There are more important things at the moment than a thread with 340 posts.

So I've resorted to whine and shame, which I dislike as much as you do. It does not seem to work either. So, after summer holidays I am going to switch to another tool and ask for my money back.

(*) Select a project, hit Cmd-Shift-L and notice how the vague flags appear/disappear on the tasks, but not on the project. Select another project, go back, and voila, it appears.

skillet 2014-01-21 12:40 PM

If it is helpful to anyone here I have made a few AppleScripts that I use that allow you to select actions and assign a priority to their name.

The scripts also will change the previous priority if selected and assign a new priority to them. Use the "0" priority script to remove the priority altogether.


NickHibma 2014-01-26 11:49 PM

Thanks skillet! I've spent an hour yesterday fiddling with this, changing a few things here and there. I should have implemented this myself a long time ago.

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