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Ken Case 2009-10-12 12:22 PM

OmniFocus, GTD, and You!
We're very pleased to officially announce [URL=""]our partnership with the David Allen Company[/URL], and the first fruits of that partnership, a white paper to help people get started with GTD in OmniFocus. Quoting from [URL=""] Linda's blog post[/URL]…

[QUOTE]While OmniFocus definitely does not require you to be a Getting Things Done® devotee in order to make good use of the software, it's true that Omni developed OmniFocus with the GTD system in mind. If you're new to the work-life management system of GTD and wondering just exactly how you can implement the methodology in OmniFocus, we now have an awesome new resource for you: the [URL=""]OmniFocus, GTD, and You white paper[/URL].

[I]But Omni[/I], you're saying. [I]White papers are so boooooring. They use words like "extensible" and "data-driven" and most of them are just cheesy marketing materials in disguise. WAHHH.[/I]

Listen, I can't hear you when you use that tone of voice. And stop worrying, because this is a totally useful document written by our stellar documentation folks, and the marketing weasels didn't even [I]touch[/I] it. (I wanted more cowbell, but would they listen? NO.)

The white paper gives a thorough explanation of how the GTD concepts of Capture, Process, Organize, Do, and Review are handled by OmniFocus, and you don't need to have any previous understanding of the Getting Things Done system to read it. As a sometimes-committed, sometimes-not OmniFocus user myself, I found this white paper really helpful and inspiring.

The good folks at DavidCo not only helped us make sure the white paper was accurate, but are also promoting OmniFocus as the recommended Mac GTD solution from their online store. We want to thank them for working with us and making OmniFocus available to a wider GTD audience.

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and [URL=""]download[/URL], and get some best-practice ideas for making the most of your OmniFocus document.[/QUOTE]

BevvyB 2009-10-12 02:51 PM

Very good, clear and concise. A good thing to read when you feel your OF use has become a bit overcomplicated.

archie 2009-10-14 01:35 AM

Great work OmniTeam and congrats on the partnership. Good document too, helps bridge the gap between the book and program, and nice to know that DavidCo are supporting the accuracy of it. Gotta be honest, i find it difficult to imagine using the GTD system without OmniFocus!

Greg Jones 2009-10-14 04:52 AM

Ken, congratulations on the partnership with David Allen and on the GTD white paper!

Lyle 2009-10-21 09:35 AM

On page 10 of the white paper the author recommends turning "Someday/Maybe" items into projects that are On Hold. Just a couple of pages later (on p. 12), he instead recommends putting all of your "Someday/Maybe" items into a single action list whose status is On Hold.

Sounds like they are just as ambivalent about how to handle Someday/Maybe items as the rest of us are. ;)

Brian 2009-10-21 01:12 PM

I think the language could be clearer there, but since Single Action Lists are a special type of project it makes a bit more sense than it appears to. :-)

I'll pass that along to the author so she can tweak that in a future revision. Thanks!

connorp 2010-01-18 06:09 PM

What I have done for Someday/Maybe items is mark them (both projects and actions within a Someday Single Action List) as on hold, then have my normal Perspectives where I plan and do things not show On Hold items. I have a separate Perspective that shows me all of my On hold items.

I plan on fleshing the way I do this in a blog post, and when I do, I'll link to it here.

This is one big feature I have found I want that OmniFocus is lacking, but Things can do. Both are fantastic apps, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE OmniFocus. Great seeing such great developers push each other to improve.

RayZorback 2011-01-02 02:00 PM

Thank You!
Just wanted to thank you for the program and for posting this doc. It is exactly what I was looking for! I get something new every time I read or listen to GTD and it is all finally coming together with the help of your programs!

Now... if I could only get OmniFocus on my PC so that the "PC" context can be marked complete while actually working on my PC. :)

Thanks again.

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