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sang 2013-04-15 10:22 AM

Create a Subtask from Quick Entry or Inbox

I really like using just the keyboard to process the inbox, as i find its the quickest. However, when assigning a task to a project, is there anyway I can make it a subtask? For instance, my Shopping List looks something like this:


When I see "paracetamol" in my inbox, I'd like to assign it to the project Shopping List:Pharmacy, just like I can do for contexts. Is that possible?


whpalmer4 2013-04-15 10:39 AM

No, can't assign something to an action group in the quick entry or inbox unless you are simultaneously creating that action group, because there is no external way to reference the action group, only the project that contains it. If your shopping list is actually separate projects in a folder, as implied by the "Shopping List:Pharmacy" notation, then you could add the task to that project by typing an unambiguous portion of the folder name, followed by the ":" character, followed by an unambiguous portion of the project name. If what you have is just one shopping list project, with action groups for the different categories, then you can only specify the project, and the action will be inserted at the end.

sang 2013-04-16 08:44 AM

Thanks whpalmer4!

Pity it cannot be done.
My shopping list isn't in the form of separate projects in a folder. Its just a single action list, and I wanted to create action groups of Pharmacy, Supermarket etc. to help visualize it all better in the iPhone app.

I used the ":" notation because I use it for context:subcontext, and I was hoping I could do the same for action groups. But I suppose Folder:project:action group:action is asking for too much!!

My more complex projects do sit as separate projects under folder.

whpalmer4 2013-04-16 10:39 AM

Do you use the Review feature? Just set the review interval for the grocery project to be the minimum value, and when you review the project, tidy it up (as you would do anyhow).

You may also find it helpful to make some of those tasks repeating tasks at an interval that approximates your consumption.

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