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stanthegoomba 2013-04-17 08:44 PM

Contexts for schoolwork and job work
For as long as I've owned OmniFocus I've been a student. I've had small jobs and freelance writing/development assignments, but for the most part my projects and contexts have revolved around school assignments. Because I can do my work wherever I have Internet access, all my tasks get sorted into a set of contexts:

| - Reading
| - Writing
| - Research
| - Development
| - Communication

But now in addition to schoolwork and small work projects, I also have a substantial full-time internship. I want to use the same set of contexts since most of my tasks logically fall into them. But while I'm at the office I don't want to see any school tasks or unrelated tasks from different employers. I know I could just create another "internship" context with the same subcontexts, but that seems like overkill. It also doesn't seem very GTD-like to make a context (internship) that is really an area of focus. I already have an "internship" project if I want to see all my tasks in one place, after all. The other problem with that method is that when I'm not at the office I *do* want to see my internship tasks in my normal contexts, because I might want to complete them outside of work. How do people keep tasks related to their big "job" separate from their other work/school tasks without making tons of contexts?

whpalmer4 2013-04-17 09:58 PM

The key here is to make two separate folders, one containing work projects and one containing personal projects. Select one folder in the sidebar and click the Focus button or use View->Focus. Until you remove the focus, you can flip back and forth between project and context views, and you will see only the tasks assigned to projects in that folder.

stanthegoomba 2013-04-17 11:05 PM

That's a good suggestion. I'd forgotten about Focus mode. But I don't think it works in either of the iOS apps, does it?

nicoledb 2013-04-18 12:37 AM

If you create a Perspective based on a specific Focus, it carries over to the iOS-apps. The only limitation is that you cannot *create* a Perspective in iOS, you would have to do that on the Mac (or have the support-ninja's help you out).

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