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Moving tasks in resource view...?
This may be an entirely stupid question; I am not the most experienced project software user... but...

When I want to do some manual levelling, I find it frustrating that I am not able to do it directly in [B]Resource[/B] view. Switching back to the [B]Task[/B] view and finding the task amongst a lot of others is time consuming. (Some would say boring!)

What I would like to do is quickly slide around the tasks (start/end) in [B]Resource[/B] view, without having to switch back to [B]Task[/B] view. I don't think this is possible at the moment.

Failing that, some sort of filtering in [B]Task[/B] view; so that I can filter the displayed tasks by Resource, Date, Duration, etc., would be great...

Lizard 2007-01-08 04:37 PM

I'll add your vote for rescheduling tasks in the resource view to that bug.

There is a small shortcut I can offer, as a small way to make it slightly less painful in the meantime. When you're in the resource view, and want to edit a particular task, double-click it. This will flip you over to the task view, with the same task selected you, hopefully saving a bit of hunting.

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