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dogcows 2008-06-01 05:01 AM

Word Files save as
If I download a word file (name.doc) the file downloads but a .dot is added to the end so the filename becomes If I download the same file in firefox 3, the file is downloaded correctly (name.doc). If I download the same file in safari, the files is named incorrectly (

I suspect this is an issue with webkit somehow or a system setting. Anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance

dogcows 2008-06-01 05:06 AM

Fix for
Seems I posted a little too soon. It appears that I just need to run MS Office update 12.0.1. [URL=""]Here[/URL] is a discussion on the apple site talking about the problem.

Some people are reporting that the update doesn't work. So, I might end up editing a plist file to fix it.

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