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priceless 2008-04-20 06:34 AM

Need Help - Feathering Objects
Hello All

I'm pretty sure that OG5 Pro doesn't support a gradient fill that follows the edge of a shape or allow for "feathering" of objects in the same way, say, photoshop allows you to feather a selection.

How are other people achieving this effect with non rectangular or non circular shapes (which you can do with linear and radial gradients)?

Thanks for any pointers


priceless 2008-04-28 07:04 AM

OK - replying to your own post isn't a great thing, but I was thinking some of the core image effects (gaussian blur) would do the trick and found a comment from someone else here:


I know it is a tricky balance between function and too much function, but this might be an easy way to add this.

Anyone else?


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