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GeoffAirey 2010-09-29 12:33 AM

Omnifocus for Mac timeline
I'm a recent convert to Omnifocus having bought the iPad and iPhone versions.

My next logical step would be to buy the Mac version, but I'm aware that at Version 1.8, OF might be due a major upgrade, there are also mentions in the fora of some of the iPad features crossing over.

Omni seems like a company with a history of transparency

My questions are

1) Is there a timeline on the next major version of OF for the Mac?
2) If / when this happens, will there be an upgrade price for previous purchasers?

I realise that you can be a little more flexible in this than the other versions through the App store.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

dave256 2010-09-29 05:21 AM

OmniGroup has offered reasonable upgrade pricing for their Mac software (OmniOutliner, OmniGraffle, etc.) so I would expect upgrade pricing for OmniFocus for Mac. You can see the upgrade discounts for their other software on their web site. I'm hoping they do something nice for OF 2.0 for those of who purchased the Mac, iPhone, and iPad version although I'm not certain how they can tell we purchased the iOS versions.

whpalmer4 2010-09-29 06:43 AM

The most recent announcement about OF 2's arrival can be found in this thread: [url][/url]

Omni typically charges about 1/3 of the new price to upgrade to the latest version from any previous version, so you are probably looking at something in the neighborhood of $30 to upgrade. There's a 30-day return policy, which effectively gives you a free upgrade if you happen to buy right before it ships.

GeoffAirey 2010-09-30 05:17 AM

Thanks Guys,

appreciate your experience. Will upgrade as it becomes praticable.

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