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zentering 2011-06-06 10:37 AM

Can I sync Tasks to iCal? [A:OmniFocus exports due date reminders.]
Hi all,

My Setup:

Latest OmniFocus
MacMail with Exchange 2010
iCal with Exchange 2010

I would love to be able to get my tasks from OF that has a start, due date or both synced to my iCal calendar.

In this way i wouldnt need to add them manualy into iCal.
Is this possible?

Please someone.

All the best / M

Brian 2011-06-06 04:22 PM

Happy to help! As part of the sync process, OmniFocus can export reminder events for to iCal that represent the due dates on your actions. (Note that exporting is one-way, vs. a two-way sync; OmniFocus does not do the latter.)

If you check the "Publish Due reminders as a calendar" box in Sync Preferences, then press the "Subscribe in iCal" button, deadline reminder events will appear in iCal.

I believe there's a feature request open on exporting reminder events for start dates, as well; if that would be useful, email the [EMAIL=""]support ninjas[/EMAIL] and ask to be attached to that feature request.

We're unlikely to export events that span from the start date to the due date, though. Imagine a "Pay Taxes" task that starts in January and is due in April - now think about what that would do to your calendar. :-)

pjb 2011-11-14 03:21 PM

I am using this feature now but find one big problem: a task group has a due date, the subtasks do not each have a due date, but each subtask appears in iCal--oh the clutter! Seems this sync should only include items to which I have explicitly assigned a due date.

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