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hypotyposis 2010-04-08 04:43 AM

Feature requests
Hi all,

I'm absolutely loving OmniGraffle ipad. Thought I'd share with you the feature requests I've sent to the ninjas in case any of you want to write them too to add your votes (and of course feel free to let me know your own suggestions!):
1) support for typable (in keyboard/palette available when typing) arrows up and down [as in increase/decrease]
2) auto-scroll when drawing
3) list editor/outliner (like mac version)
4) equation editor


bradrice 2010-04-13 07:21 AM

Align tools
I would like to see some align tools. Say I select 5 items and want to align them all left, right or center, that would be nice to be able to click the option in a palette.

I would like an option to make an underline on text. When I am architecting a website, I have to simulate links, so underlined text would be helpful.

I would like some way to simulate holding the shift key down when drawing to constrain drawing to 45 degree or 180 degree angles. Drawing a straight line can be challenging to get it to be exactly horizontal.

I wonder if a delete button at the top of the screen would be helpful. I found the delete in the row of selects when you hold down on an object. I think perhaps a quick tap on an object, then another tap on a delete icon would be better, since I seem to need to delete a lot. I would like to hear if that is something other users would like.

Is there a way to name documents? All of mine seem to get "My Diagram" I would like to name them.

So far this is a nice start and I know good things come from OmniGroup so I expect to see OmniGraffle for iPad to continue to improve.

Brian 2010-04-13 05:32 PM

Thanks for the kind words and requests, guys!

I'm not on the OmniGraffle team, but I'm happy to contribute the bits that I'm able to. If you send the feature requests to the [EMAIL=""]support ninjas[/EMAIL], you're guaranteed a response from folks more knowledgeable than I. :-)

To rename a document, double-tap the name.

I think we have to hand-code some stuff on the iPad that Mac OS X does "for free"; text underlining [I]may[/I] fall into that category...

hansdorsch 2010-04-23 03:50 AM

Double Tap on the Document Header to rename
To rename a document, double-tap the name.

Thanks for sharing. This is not obvious.

Double tapping means:
[LIST][*] Open the doc[*] Double tap on the name in the header[*] change the name and tap "Done[/LIST]"

I'd prefer to be able to rename docs in the "Documents" View, though, like in Apple's iWork Apps.

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