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Revearti 2013-02-06 08:40 AM

Perspective Snapshot Goes Gray after Adding "Start Date"
Hi, everyone.

I'm confused with the issue I'm running into. I have a perspective, and I can adjust it in various ways then select [B]Take Snapshot of...[/B] without any problem. However, when I add the [B]Start Date[/B] field to the perspective, the [B]Take Snapshot of...[/B] options grays out. Is this normal?


psidnell 2013-02-06 01:22 PM

I've noticed this too. If I'm in a perspective and start modifying the view in various ways, OF seems to forget which perspective I'm in at some point. If I want to save my changes I have to save the perspective by selecting the one I want and overwriting it.

whpalmer4 2013-02-06 01:30 PM

I think once you've changed the view enough, OF no longer considers it the same, and prevents you from accidentally destroying your existing perspective. You can still overwrite, but only by choosing it from the list.

Somewhat related annoyance: OF won't let you save a new perspective if the search box is active (has text in it), so to make a perspective with a search involved, you have to create it without the search, then update it.

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