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rogbar 2014-05-17 03:56 PM

How do I tell where the "conflict" is?
I'm using OmniPresence to sync my OmniOutline documents. Every once in a while I end up with two copies of an outline, and one's title will indicate a conflict with the original. How can I compare the two files to determine where the conflict lies?

And what causes these conflicts?

(Note: I'm cross-posting this to the OP forum as well.)

DerekM 2014-05-19 11:38 AM

Aside from using a diff tool to compare the xml source, the only way to see what's different is by manually comparing the two copies. If you have the same file open on multiple devices and using them concurrently it is possible to get a conflict due to editor state and not content. This would be such things as collapsing/expanding different sections and either forcing a save or then making an edit which causing a save and sync.

rogbar 2014-05-19 12:33 PM

Thanks. And is there a rule of thumb as to which file is labeled "conflict" and which one isn't?

DerekM 2014-05-19 12:40 PM

The first one to upload changes to the server remains the original.

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