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tommetge 2010-12-22 08:01 AM

OUIEditableFrame truncating?
i'm seeing that the editor control is truncating (on display only) the NSAttributedString passed to it. the actual string remains unchanged- it just isn't displayed in full.

there's quite a bit of code to go through here and, so far, i haven't found where a size restriction might be enforced. it makes sense- give the memory constraints of the devices and all- but i'll need to find another way to work around those constraints.

could anyone point me in the right direction to find and address this?

many thanks!

Ken Case 2010-12-26 06:41 AM

I believe we've already fixed this internally on the trunk, but I'm not sure which changes are safe to push out yet.

But I think the place you'll want to look is at the definition of OUITextLayoutUnlimitedSize: we've now changed it from 10000 (which is only ~10x the maximum device screen dimension) to 1000000.

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