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StephenDM 2008-06-25 09:02 PM

Autosizing text boxes for org charts, etc.
I'm an OmniGraffle 4 user. I use OmniGraffle primarily to turn outlines into little org charts so I can visualize the different components of my outline better. Since I am really turning outlines into org charts, I usually enter data into the outline drawer at left. My problem, however, is that I find that I constantly have to go back and forth to the actual graffle window to resize text boxes and scale fonts up and down to make things. Is there any way to automatically have the boxes scale to fit the text, or conversely force the text to fit the box by scaling down the font?

Additionally, is there any way to force Graffle to attempt to keep a chart on one page instead of sprawling amongst several? (i.e. I'd really love to modify default setting for space provided between different boxes lined up horizontally).

I've attached an image of a chart I forced onto one page and had to manually tinker with the text and text boxes.[IMG][/IMG]


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