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Tim1 2010-01-22 02:18 AM

Project With Both Sequencial and Parallel Actions
One of my projects is "Move home"

There are some actions like "book van" and "find cardboard boxes" that can be parallel, but others like "pack stuff in boxes" or "pick up van" that can only be done once other things have happened first.

The simple answer is to make two sequential projects called "pack stuff" and "hire van" under a folder called move home.

However, let's say before I can complete the item "pick up the van" I need to complete a task "find my drivers license". "Find my drivers license" needs to happen in parallel to "book van" - so how is it best to organise that action?

In a new project called "Moving Home Misc Single Actions"?

Another way of doing this is to just dump all action items into a Word doc in outline mode and copy and paste the next actions as I go along. The disadvantage of this is that it requires more maintenance.

Any advice?

macula 2010-01-22 06:10 AM


On quick look at your question, it seems to me that you are overcomplicating your process. A simpler but equivalent translation of your problem is the following:

"In order to be able to to pickup the van, I first need to 1) book the van and 2) find my driver's license. Tasks 1 and 2 may occur in parallel."

If so, all you need to do is create a group task containing "book van" and "find driver's license" in parallel. Then link that group task sequentially with "pick up van."

Or am I missing something?

Toadling 2010-01-22 08:16 AM

[QUOTE=macula;72155]Or am I missing something?[/QUOTE]

No, I think you're spot-on, Macula. That's exactly how I would handle it.

You can create some very powerful (and complicated) sequences by nesting sequential and parallel action groups. For example, using Tim1's scenario, you could do something like this:

Move Home (sequential project)

- Prepare for move (parallel action group)

- Get van (sequential action group)
- Book van
- Pick up van

- Get boxes (sequential action group)
- Find cardboard boxes
- Pack stuff

- Load boxes into van
- Drive van home
- Unload van

- Finish move (parallel action group)
- Unpack boxes
- Return van

Some might find this more complicated than it's worth, but it's at least an accurate depiction of your actions' dependencies. And you can, of course, make it as simple or as intricate as you like.


Tim1 2010-02-04 12:24 PM

That makes things clearer - thanks. :-)

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