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Stickfiguresimple 2011-08-13 09:27 AM

Trouble syncing with new iPad
I've been using OF for years. Great stuff.

Just bought an iPad, and today the OF for iPad.

Set up syncing at Omni, but a problem.

Since there is nothing on my iPad yet, whenever I try to sync my laptop it reverts back to a black omnifocus.

I began the syncing with my iPad.

Any suggestions appreciated.



whpalmer4 2011-08-13 11:15 AM

Your database on your Mac is still intact, right?

Assuming it is, and that you've configured your Mac to sync with your Omni sync server account, what you should do is to use the command File->Replace Server Database... to upload the database from your Mac to the server. Then, tap the sync button on your iPad to cause it to do a sync. At that point, you'll get a popup warning you that the databases appear to be incompatible, and asking which one to keep. You'll want to keep the sync database. After doing that, both devices should be in sync and you shouldn't have to do this process again.

Stickfiguresimple 2011-08-15 02:53 AM

Thanks greatly. Worked like a charm.

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