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Keith IRI 2006-11-30 06:31 AM

Productivity league table anyone?
This may sound ridiculous, but imagine if there was a 'Productivity League of Champions' that we were all clamouring to get on. Our scores could be generated by OmniFu as a result of that day's working habits. At a set time each day, or whenever you quit OmniFu, it could give you a rating based on how much actual work you had done vs. time spent looking at saucy pictures on the net, how many tasks achieved etc. etc., and give you a score that we could then post on this forum OR compare between different people in an office. Every employee's nightmare, every boss's dream.

Even if it didn't give you a quantitative score, (or anything so tacky as a league table) to compare with other users, a qualitative rating would be a great way to reinforce your mindset when you really are cooking on gas ('Mind like water') or encourage you when it's only a 40w bulb ('Mind like Mud'). Imagine the feeling of knowing that your day's work was independently and objectively verified as being actually productive, rather than just hectic. Even when you get a low score, it could explain why ('too much time looking on unproductive websites etc.') and offer some constructive tips and options ('Shall I automatically lock you into 'No Distraction' mode tomorrow, as deadline X is coming up soon?')

Would anyone else be interested in making their workplace a competitive environment?

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