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andre5151 2007-12-28 08:58 AM

sorting error?
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It seems that there is a big grouping/sorting error in project view, see the jpg file

Having set the filters to due/due/any status/any duration/Any flag states

and havin selected the library (of projects)

in the due today list (the first one) I see all items for the first available project, and not only today's

for the other projects it seems it works correctly


Andre Peternell
registered user (pre-sale)

brianogilvie 2007-12-28 09:35 AM

This is the expected behavior in Planning mode, because in Planning mode, grouping and sorting operate at the level of projects. Because there is an action due today in that project, the project is sorted first as due today. Some people think that such a sort should apply only when the project itself has a due date, but Omni has decided that the first due date in a project should determine its sort order. (I agree with their decision.)

If you would like to see only actions due today, use the Context mode and group and sort by due date. That will sort actions by their due date--either the date assigned to them, if they have one, or the date they inherit from their project, if the actions have no due date but the project does.

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