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Simon Knight 2010-11-29 05:04 AM

Help - Styles (again!)
I started a document out in OmniGraffle Pro but decided that it would be better to work on the information in OmniOutliner. I exported the OG file as an OO 3 document and then opened it in OmniOutlinerPro. I wish to apply styles to for example all level 3 rows. I have selected all level 3 rows and opened the inspector and set the font face and size but all that happens is the row height increases (I am setting a larger font) but the display remains unchanged as the new global style seems to be overridden by an imported local (to that row) style setting.

Is there a way of removing all these local style settings and/or forcing the "new" global style setting?

I have tried ctrl cmd delete - nothing happens. The clear styles menu option is greyed out and changing automatic level styles does not seem to help.


Simon Knight 2010-11-29 06:26 AM

In answer to my own question:

I saved my file as an opml file and then imported back in and all the styles were removed. A bit of a kludge though any better ways?


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