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smartbugmedia 2009-11-09 04:45 PM

Sync with Exchange tasks (so it will get to my blackberry)
Hi all,

I am oh so close to ditching outlook and going Mac full-tllt-boogie. My last hurdle is my reliance on Outlook's tasks for GTD.

I have the following config:
[LIST][*]Snow Leopard[*]Blackberry[*]Exchange Connectivity[/LIST]
I have had no problems getting exchange to pull through all mail, calendar, notes, and tasks.

If I can somehow get OmniFocus over to the tasks folder that was created when I synced with Exchange, it would go to my blackberry, etc.

Does anybody know how to get OF to sync the tasks in a different calendar than the remote one (this minor little tweak would save you from ever having to THINK about writing a blackberry app).

All help from anyone appreciated.

grangej 2010-06-29 04:57 PM

I need this too!
I have no completed update to Project server 2010, this means all enterprise tasks sync directly with exchange, and thus with iCal. I get beautifully organized separate task lists for each enterprise project I am currently assigned tasks in. I desperately need a way to synchronize this with omnifocus.

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