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AjBezark 2012-11-28 08:42 AM

"Squiggly" hand-drawn lines?
Is there any way to make OmniGraffle objects look hand drawn, instead of computer perfect?

There are times when a "napkin sketch" is called for more than a polished diagram... but the editing qualities of OmniGraffle are much more advanced than the typical 3-ply napkin. :-)

I'd like to be able to build a simple diagram in OmniGraffle, then apply a "hand drawn" style that makes the lines wavy, uneven, with overlapping corners, etc. -- like an architect's sketch drawn with a marker.

Is there any way to achieve an effect like this? Either in OG, or in some third party post-processing app?


john.gersh 2012-11-29 06:20 AM

Not yet, though there is such a style in OG on the iPad. See this thread:


Search this forum for "hand-drawn" to find more discussion. One thread points to a commercial stencil in a somewhat sketchy style for wireframes.


MatthewS 2012-12-17 03:15 PM

You want to change the style of the objects so that they look hand-drawn? OG doesn't have that feature.

You'd have to use stencils with shapes that look that way. I started a similar thread while back. I even looked into what would be required. Hand-tracing print-outs and then tracing scans using OG's drawing tools... What a pain in the butt.

It would take less time just to learn Balsimiq in order to provide wireframes to the few clients that like that style.

btw the only app I know of that can toggle between straight and sketchy is Axure using its Sketch Effects feature in the Page Properties panel.

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