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uscmeche 2008-07-11 05:51 PM

OF - Forbidden Error 403
I believe this has to do with the iDisk being protected. Has anyone else gotten around this error? I am racking my brain and I cannot figure it out - - and I know it is probably super easy.


UPDATE - Figured it out - - idisk did not like the secure http so I deleted the "s" and voila!

ommo 2008-08-08 03:13 AM

I have the same problem. Which "s" did you delete and from where? Can you give simple instructions like idiot's guide? Thanks.

Brian 2008-08-08 10:24 AM

We don't recommend this: the problem with this approach is that the settings change means that the user name and password to the server you're logging into gets sent unencrypted - anyone with access to the machines that pass the info between you and the iDisk server could read and use your login information.

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