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arnthorsnaer 2010-03-16 12:19 PM

Due date grouping in Omnifocus vs Omnifocus for iPhone
Does anyone know if I can get Omnifocus to group by due date like the Omnifocus for iPhone groups by due date.

Perspective x in Omnifocus grouping looks like so:
Due today, tomorrow, within the next week

While Omnifocus for iPhone shows the same perspective groupings like:
Tuesday 16. march, Wednesday 17. march etc.

Is there a setting in Omnifocus for Mac to get it to group like the Omnifocus for iPhone app?

Arild 2010-03-17 01:02 AM

Same here, I have created a calendar perspective that actually works much better on the iphone app, grouping for each due date... Do we need to post a feature request, perhaps?

Harold Ollivier 2011-03-16 03:54 AM


Brian 2011-03-16 01:53 PM

Looks like we do have a feature request open on the ability to pick different collation groups; interested parties should email the [EMAIL=""]support ninjas[/EMAIL] and ask to be attached to that request. (Requests with more customer interest tend to get assigned higher priorities.) Thanks!

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