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Stephen 2009-03-30 07:43 AM

Excluding subfolders

Is there any way to exclude subfolders when sizing a file system?

I'm trying to size my home folder at work, which has a hidden directory (.snapshot) that contains links to hourly/daily/weekly/monthly backups of my entire home folder. It's a virtual folder that doesn't count towards my quota, so I don't want ODS to scan it. As you can imagine, ODS takes a long time sizing this folder. In fact, I've never been patient enough to wait the several+ hours it takes for ODS to scan my backup folder, thus, I've never had an ODS scan of my home folder complete.

I'm hoping there's some magic disksweeper exclude file I can include in the root of a folder, or some other mechanism, to prevent ODS from scanning a folder.


Brian 2009-03-30 04:15 PM

Unfortunately, OmniDiskSweeper doesn't have a feature like this. If there's any way to move that directory out of your home folder and place a simlink in the same location, ODS wouldn't follow the simlink.

Other than that, the only workaround we came up with was to tell your Mac to show invisible files, then use the "Scan Folder" menu item to select everything but the invisible backup folder.

Alternatively, if you click into a directory, the app will prioritize scanning it. That way, you could scan the items you do care about before it tries to tackle .snapshot...

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