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Macman 2010-07-30 08:42 AM

Omnifocus iPad-- iCal advice
I understand how to use omnifocus. ( GTD)
I understand the iCal, and it is use for scheduled appointments only and that you should not put your task on the calendar.
I like to see a calendar next to my task and projects so I may determine what my schedule looks like and how to spread it out within that week or month.

After brainstorming and reviews of my omnifocus plans,
I would place my task/ projects list to the left, and my weekly calendar to the right,
Then inputting my task in the calendar places that I can see to be open and doable time and space.

I almost feel that I want an app that supplies the task management and calendar. But the other apps out there don't compare to omni's functionality.

Could someone please give me some examples of how they schedule and plan with their omnifocus and calendar on a weekly or daily practice .... Please

Thank you

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