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RicouLBF 2012-05-28 11:01 PM

Is there a way to save positions of inspectors ?
Hi there !

I use my MacBookPro at home, at work and sometimes outside.

At home and at work, the MBP is connected to an external monitor, 1920x1200 at home, and 1680x1050 at work.

I use to put all the inspectors on the MBP screen, and use the biggest screen for the canvas.

Each time I reconnect to an external screen, all the inspectors are displaying in the center of the main screen (the biggest, and the one where I have the menubar).

Is there a way to attach inspectors to a place, or a tool that could remember inspectors positions ?

Thank for your help,

MatthewS 2012-06-08 11:32 AM

Workspaces under Window pull-down will let you customize the inspectors. You can save how it's set up.

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