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MacMyDay 2013-02-27 01:15 PM

Sequential (nested) & Parallel Actions in Single Project
I start my day looking at all actions starting that day and have a perspective to show me those.

Today one action that shouldn't be still in my head, but yet I realized wasn't showing up.

The action is the top level of a sequential set of 4 actions that is in a project that has a few nested actions *these nested actions, in some cases, are sequential, such as the one that didn't appear.

I created the nested by dragging actions on top of the first action in the 'next'

So I'm wondering if this isn't a best practice or simply why the action in the next that's starting today doesn't show up in my context view of those actions in that context starting today?

Should I not have mixed sequential and parallel actions nested?

whpalmer4 2013-02-27 01:57 PM

Your description isn't all that clear to me, so I'm guessing at what you might have.

When you say that action is the "top level", do you mean it is the parent under which the other actions are indented, or is it the first of the indented actions?

If the former, you should realize that the container (or parent) action becomes available only when all of the actions in the container have been completed.

In other words, you don't want to do this:


Instead, you should do this:


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