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Shifting Sands 2007-06-14 07:31 AM

What if I don't like iCal?
Is there anything like a calendar built into OmniFocus, or do have to use iCal for that sort of thing?

Paul 2007-06-14 09:33 AM

In the current version, iCal's the only option. But it's time to start specifying what's needed for a useful task and time management calendar.

ICal is adquate (barely) for [I]displaying[/I] events and commitments, but ICAL SUCKS FOR INPUT. Some obvious examples are:

1. It takes [B]too many clicks[/B] for me find a time to schedule a meeting two weeks before the Conference I'm planning for 4 months from now, even though that's about half of the my scheduling tasks right now. I need to be able to save a particaular view and jump to it with one keystroke, hopefully like Perspectives in OF.

2. [B]Forward-looking views[/B] I don't need to see my calendar from 2 weeks ago very often, but I continually need to look at my calendar for the next three weeks. Half the time there is no view that will let me see that in one place. [B]Next 5-day, next 4-week, next week and next month views[/B] would actually help me manage my time and attention.

3. [B]Events can be containers for Tasks and Tasks become Events become Tasks....[/B] I get a call postponing til next week the meeting I had in 45 minutes with a business partner.In the call, two of the agenda items get delegated to people of his that I don't know, two more get "I'll have to trust you to handle that", a new project is dropped in my lap, and everything else is delayed til we meet. After the call ends with a "I'll be out of touch until next week," I realize that one of the deferred items has a due date before our meeting next week. I want drag and drop to make those changes and being able to double click on a meeting to open OF's agenda. Etc.

markbrown00 2007-06-15 02:59 PM

What we really need is OmniCalendar...hey guys? ay? ay? wink wink, nudge nudge...

brooce 2007-06-15 03:13 PM

No no, no one would want THAT.

[Please don't distract the Omnifolks with other viable product ideas until OF hits the streets...]


Shifting Sands 2007-06-16 09:59 AM

I don't know. If the idea is to help us keep our lives organized, then at some point we are going to need a way to manage our appointments.

I'm not sure how start and end dates work, I don't yet have access to the program, but it would be rather nice if we had a way to create tasks with [B]start and end times[/B] and then quickly see what they look like on any given day.

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