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luminosity 2013-05-17 11:15 AM

Can't import or open downloaded stencils
Hi folks,

I am trying to import new stencils into OG.

If I just double-click the file, OG tries to import it and comes up with this error:
[CODE]The document “electricity.gstencil” could not be opened. Encountered unknown tag html on line 5[/CODE]

If I copy the file to the Library/App Support/OG/Stencils/ folder, I get this error when I next open OG:
[CODE]Could not parse saved plist[/CODE]

What's the secret to importing .gstencil files?

I've tried stencil files from numerous sources, including Graffletopia.


steve_s 2013-05-17 03:54 PM

Hi! Sounds like there may be an issue with the file since both methods should work.

Have you tried searching Graffletopia from within OmniGraffle? Click the magnifying glass next to the search field in the Stencils window and switch the search to Graffletopia. Then see if you can install any of the search results.

If you're still running into issues, send us an email with one of the troublesome stencils attached: [email][/email]

luminosity 2013-05-17 06:18 PM

Thanks Steve. Yes, the import fine when I search from within OG.
Although it's a pity, as there were a few I found elsewhere. I'll do a more in-depth search for them on Graffletopia.

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