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GrumpyDave 2011-01-27 05:34 PM

Integrating Windows at work and Mac based GTD
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Like a lot of people I spend my day at work using Windows. Integrating my work day into my Mac-based GTD workflow has been a challenge and a real impediment to making GTD a life habit. To that end I've developed a couple complementary tools to help me out, one for Windows and one for Mac. Together they let me add tasks and information to my GTD system from my Windows workstation with just a few simple keyboard shortcuts.

With these tools you can add tasks to OmniFocus and/or save information from emails, web pages, and other documents. The data is transferred from Windows your your Mac either with scp or via Dropbox.

See the README file for a lot more detail about these tools. I've been using them for a while now and the improvement for me is impressive. It's so easy now to hit Win-O, type "work on something", and hit enter. Done. Task quickly added to the inbox without the need to navigate around or find the right window.

Once the tools are installed and running the following actions will be a keyboard shortcut away in Windows:
[LIST][*]Add a task to OmniFocus using the currently active email or web page.[*]Add a web archive to Yojimbo[*]Add a web archive to Yojimbo and a related task to OmniFocus[*]Add a bookmark to Yojimbo[*]Add a bookmark to Yojimbo and a related task to OmniFocus[*]Add a note to Yojimbo[*]Add a note to Yojimbo and a related task to OmniFocus[*]Add a task to OmniFocus using a freeform Quick Input Panel[*]Add a note to Yojimbo using a freeform Quick Input Panel[/LIST]Notes:
Only plain text is allowed at this time.
Some actions will only trigger when used within an appropriate application.

GrumpyDave 2011-02-02 08:34 PM

I've updated the file in the first post to v1.1
[LIST][*]Added Internet Explorer support on Windows the same as Firefox.[*]Uses Growl on the Mac only if it's installed and enabled.[*]Reduced the pleonastic verbosity of the README file.[/LIST]

hooverbag 2011-02-03 07:29 AM

Have only just started experimenting with this, using the Windows-O and Windows-T functions.

It works well and should be really useful.

Thanks very much GrumpyDave!

Brian 2011-02-03 05:25 PM

GrumpyDave, this is pretty great. Thanks for posting it! I'll look and see if there's a bit we can flip to make disk images uploadable.

Brian 2011-02-03 05:29 PM

Okay, I see where I can turn them on, but disk images are (AFAICT) at a minimum, 7MB in size. That's an awfully big attachment. I think that's actually why .zip files are enabled but disk image files aren't.

whpalmer4 2011-02-03 06:10 PM

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for an existence proof otherwise, see the attachment to this post. Created it with DropDMG.

GrumpyDave 2011-02-03 07:05 PM

Thanks Brian! The DMG contained in the attached ZIP file is only 40K. Created with DropDMG just like Bill's example.

GrumpyDave 2011-02-03 07:14 PM

[QUOTE=hooverbag;92675]It works well and should be really useful.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the feedback. I was starting to wonder if anyone was interested. I thought perhaps the prominent mention of Yojimbo was distracting from the fact that it's still useful for just OmniFocus users too (hence why I posted it here).

FWIW, even though it does what I need in its current state, I'm working on adding EagleFiler and DEVONthink support too. Umm, not that I'm supposed to be discussing future development plans or anything :)

kingsinger 2011-02-11 05:21 PM

[QUOTE=hooverbag;92675]Have only just started experimenting with this, using the Windows-O and Windows-T functions.

It works well and should be really useful.

Thanks very much GrumpyDave![/QUOTE]

Not working for me. I think I installed everything right. I'm using dropbox and made the changes in the script to make that work. If I hit widows O I get the data entry screen. After I enter the data. I hit ok and it says Request qued. But when I look in the assigned dropbox folder, there's nothing in there.

Want to make sure the files were getting into the drop box before activating applescript and folder action. Have I done something wrong here?


GrumpyDave 2011-02-11 07:45 PM

Hmm, you should only receive the "Request Queued" message if the file was successfully written to disk. Can you paste exactly what your "SetWorkingDir ..." line is in the Win2GTD.ahk file? Can you also log in to the Dropbox website and check the list of deleted files to see if it thinks the file ever existed? You might want to temporarily point to a directory on your hard drive instead of Dropbox until we can figure this out.

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