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billw 2012-06-07 11:14 PM

1.14.2 question (inbox changes)
I'm a little baffled by the change log. Would someone help me understand these 2 points?

The “Clean Up completed Inbox items” setting is now off by default.

I assume this means that if I complete a task in the inbox it is no longer deleted? I am assuming this was the case earlier. Is it possible to turn this setting back on?

Inbox items now display their assigned Context.

I don't understand this one, I thought once a task had a project or context it no longer shows in the inbox.

Lizard 2012-06-08 11:21 AM

Clean up is about moving, not deleting, tasks.
If you have a Mac, you can find this setting in the Data tab of Preferences.

Clean up on project or context being assigned is also a setting on the Mac. The other options are (1) project, (2) context and (3) both a project and a context. For (1) and (3), the action could be in the inbox with a context assigned.

skillet 2013-04-16 03:55 PM

What's the Difference
What is the difference between "clean up completed inbox items" and "Immediately hide completed items" in the preferences? I couldn't find the later in the [URL=""]manual[/URL].

skillet 2013-04-16 04:01 PM

I am looking for a way that when I am in Project View that if I change a project an action belongs to that it doesn't disappear right away like that preference seems to do of not making it go away when you mark and action complete (which I love). I want to be able to press command+k when I want it to be updated which is so nice.

One not as friendly way around this I have found is to
1) select the project
2) press cmd+ctrl+f to focus it
3) cmd+2 to switch to context view

Then change reassign or create the projects the actions belong to. I do this often for large amounts of single actions that need to be assigned a project so I can put items on hold I don't want to see yet. The nice thing is they won't disappear from view until I press cmd+k to update.

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