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Carlos 2012-08-03 09:05 AM

Where are passwords for webdav sync stored
I need to change to a different address under webdav syncing.

(it seems like a 10.8 server does not require "/webdav/" in the location address. Without the "/webdav/" in the adress I can connect fine to the webdav space through transmit)

However, I need to specify a new user name and password.

Where and how can I reset the password associated to a webdav server? I suspect in keychain, but I couldn't find it. The reset button seems not to reset the username.

The error I get is

server returned "bad request" (400) in response to a request to "PROPFIND

Thanks for your help.

Brian 2012-08-06 03:57 PM

When OmniFocus attempts to sync, it'll check the Keychain for any entries that match your server. If it finds one, it'll use that; otherwise, it asks for the login info at that point.

Once a sync completes successfully, OmniFocus saves the info it to the keychain if the "save to keychain" box was checked in the login panel. There isn't a separate place to enter that info in OmniFocus, in other words.

I'm not a sysadmin, but guessing on the basis of the error message you're getting, I'd double-check the URL/path you're trying to connect to. Hope this helps at least a little.

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