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Skipper 2013-07-16 11:40 PM

Messages not displayed
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I have problem with the ability to see, what is written in the messages. That means to get the text displayed properly. When I go to a thread, I see who has posted the thread, date, etc., but not the message it self. To see this I either have to highlight the text, like I would copy the message, or to scrol the message down to the bottom of the window, which usually display only part of the message. I have this problem on MAC with Safari and Windows 7 with IE, and would like to get rid of it. Any suggestion on how to accomplish this?

Please take a look at the attachemnet, to see how my own message look like.

Thanks in advance,

Skipper 2013-07-17 01:09 PM

Problem only in Internet Explorer
Investigated further, and apparently is the problem only in Internet Explorer. My apology for this. I use windows at work with the aid of iPad, and MAC with Safari at home. There is no problem with Safari displaying threads.

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