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watchit 2009-03-03 01:59 PM

identifying Sneaky Peek version during update
When updating Sneaky Peek via "Check for Updates..." OF gives a message such as: "You are currently running OmniFocus 1.6 sneaky peek (v77.16.0.109481)" towards the top of the window - with a version number but no date. Below that is a list of releases with the changes, but the title of each release is presented: "OmniFocus 1.6 sneaky peek - Feb 25, 2009" - with a date but no version number.
That makes it a several step process to check which version I have installed to determine whether there are enough changes for me to go ahead with the update.
Suggestion: Please put both the date and version number in the list in both the update window and the Sneaky Peek Builds web page.
Thank you.

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