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carlsson 2008-10-16 12:49 AM

Add a note to an existing item?
Howdy Omnigraffler's,

I have used Omnigraffle for some years, but I've never got the time to really work with it for real. Now I want to dive in this great application, but I am stuck on how to do this:
I would like to place a note next to (beneath) an item. This note would be visible when I print the graph, and it should follow the item wherever I dragged it.

Real examples:
I am currently drawing a network graph, and next to the item [B]"Firewall"[/B] I would like to place the text "[I]Cisco ASA 5505 Appliance"[/I].
Further down in the graph I would like to add a note where I explain how the items [B]"Backup Disks"[/B] work.

I can solve this today by adding a textblock and place it next to the item, but then this note would not follow the item (unless I group it), and I see other disadvantages with that approach as well. I want the note to be a part of the item.
Of course I can also solve it by adding text in the item itself, but I want it next to the item, to separate it from the item itself. This way the reader can interpret the graph more easier.

I have tried to add a Note with the Notes Inspector, but that Notes text is not visible on the page (and turning on visibility for the Note only shows a Note icon).

How do other users solve this problem? I guess that it's not only me that have this need. Or have I missed something?


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