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barrettj 2010-01-27 10:36 AM

OmniFocus on iPad
So, now that it's official - do you have any information regarding OmniFocus on the iPad? Please o please?

daverobeson 2010-01-27 11:21 AM

Yes, any info?
I love that my iPhone version will work right out of the box. But I'd gladly pay the $20 again for a version that more closely approximates the Mac version. Especially the ability to view/drag actions into projects in another pane and the ability to use the Review perspective.

Oh, and could you have that ready in 90 days? Thanks ever so much. :)

deadsunrise 2010-01-27 12:21 PM

Maybe we should mail the ninjas but they are probably already working on it.

The iPad is the perfect platform for omnifocus and if they can make it similar to the desktop version it will change my life (literally),

The ipad looks great for GTD in general, I think that I'll opt for the 16GB non-GSM version initially and then wait for the 3rd-gen release before upgrading to whatever is top of the range in two year's time.

akoert 2010-01-27 02:32 PM

iPad & Omnifocus
I would echo the posts above! I would love to see an iPad optimized version of Omnifocus (and would be willing to pay for it).

Definitely the perfect platform and if it can be integrated with the new calendar and email app similar to the Macbook, that would be amazing! The size and functionality of the iPad could easily make it the ideal personal planner (and you could even have the GTD book available anytime you need to refer back to a bookmarked section). Can't wait.

johnsel 2010-01-27 04:44 PM

Me too
FWIW, I would also be willing to fork out another $20 for an iPad optimized version.

The ability to read e-docs (pdf, office etc), and use OmniFocus at the same time on a reasonable screen is my #1 use case for the iPad and would make me virtually paper free.

This is hugely important. Please, please, please make OmniFocus the first app you port to the iPad.

TBoxman 2010-01-27 10:43 PM

Vote YES to iPad
I, too, would love a version of OmniFocus for the iPad. It would be the #1 app and main reason for buying the iPad.

Please consider making a custom iPad version with new UI that takes advantage of the additional screen space.


Robbie1702 2010-01-28 02:35 AM

Please just don't stall on developing OF for Mac =) You've done some great work on the iPhone App, but I personally can't wait to see some advancements towards 2.0. Can't wait for tagging and all the other new features that so many people have suggested coming to life.

rmh1572 2010-01-28 07:13 AM

Perfect Application Set
Frankly OMNI's tools are exactly what is needed on the iPad. Its almost too perfect. I will be very sad indeed if your products don't make it there. Its exactly whats need in a meeting

sommerlund 2010-01-28 12:36 PM

+1 OmniFocus for iPad

OmniPhone 2010-01-28 01:26 PM

iPad for OmniFocus.

WE NEED IT! WeŽll love it! iPad will be THE personal management device with your app making it!

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