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wolfneuralnet 2010-05-23 05:20 AM

OO for iPad and Dropbox
I am patiently waiting for OO iPad, since there is nothing comparable on the market (which is amazing to me...) One of the things that I wish I could do easily on the iPad is create good hierarchical outlines that would be synced back to the desktop that I could work with in the desktop version.

Which brings me to my request. As of now, there is no way to have documents saved back to a useful place that is then available on the desktop from the iPad. Fortunately, Dropbox has an API that makes this easy -- a few developers for iPad apps have included this in their releases, and it works very well.

I realize Omni doesn't generally use third-party storage solutions, preferring its own servers, etc. but in the iPads case, since Apple has dropped the ball on file storage, I think it is warranted.

Please consider Dropbox integration for OO, as there is no other way I can think of to make working on my outlines a seamless process on the iPad. Omnifocus of course has its own syncing solution, but task managers are a different issue I think since it doesn't have a "document" that it is working with.

sgecko 2010-05-30 04:12 PM

i'm sure they can do the same as they did with OmniGraffle for the iPad. very simple way to transfer files back and forth through iTunes Apps File Sharing. don't worry, this will be easy.

rgammon 2010-06-22 06:21 PM

+1 for DropBox integration. iTunes file sharing is useless for me-- I iTunes-sync the iPad with a media server, but use DropBox for all my work files (the iPad is uniting those 2 lives of personal media and work file portability). Also, iTunes file sharing is a clunky extra step.

I want to be on the bus, tap a .graffle in Readdle or Dropbox and open to edit in in OmniGraffle and then save (this works for Readdle->DocsToGo office files). Then I want to get off the bus, go into my office, and have that edited .graffle automagically in my dropBox on my desktop.

OmniGraffle iPad is an incredibly useful app. But without better file i/o, it throws me back to version control by email attachment. It just feels wrong.

random1destiny 2010-08-17 08:03 AM

OmniGroup needs to understand some OO users are updating some of their main OO files all day, and if they had an iphone version they'd be making similar updates anytime they step away from their computer. To expect them to do a full iPhone-iTunes sync every time they step away from the computer is going to make for a bad experience. And if you don't sync and want to make a change on your iPhone you won't want to because it will cause version conflicts.

Please please enable Dropbox syncing! Without that, I don't see any reason to buy the app over continuing to use the LogMeIn app to use the full OO app on my computer. I never have to worry about syncing issues that way.

dude 2010-08-17 05:55 PM

iDisk would be a logical solution as well.

HappyCatMachine 2011-05-10 08:18 PM

[QUOTE=dude;83723]iDisk would be a logical solution as well.[/QUOTE]

iDisk is a costly solution. Dropbox is free and elegant. There is no comparison.

psidnell 2011-05-10 10:15 PM

[QUOTE=HappyCatMachine;97042]iDisk is a costly solution. Dropbox is free and elegant. There is no comparison.[/QUOTE]

I'm surprised at how little iDisk integration there is in apps, probably a consequence of the cost, Dropbox is by far the most widely supported.

Consequently if you want to export a file from one app to another and back again then dropbox is pretty much the only game in town.

I have used GoodReader on the iPhone and iPad to move data between the two universes at a pinch but it turns what should be a 10 second task into a 5 minute one.

However, one could criticise DropBox for not supporting WebDav - if they did this then app developers could support iDisk and DropBox for no additional development cost.

dude 2011-05-11 03:12 AM

[QUOTE=HappyCatMachine;97042]iDisk is a costly solution. Dropbox is free and elegant. There is no comparison.[/QUOTE]

But there are a large number of Mac users who use iDisk. You can't just ignore it.

psidnell 2011-05-11 03:20 AM

[QUOTE=dude;97059]But there are a large number of Mac users who use iDisk. You can't just ignore it.[/QUOTE]

Don't worry, MobileMe is going to "get a lot better" this year.


Read into that what you will.

shhQuiet 2011-05-11 10:26 AM

[QUOTE=HappyCatMachine;97042]iDisk is a costly solution. Dropbox is free and elegant. There is no comparison.[/QUOTE]

Here's some comparison:
I get 20GB from iDisk (which I already pay for), and I get only 2GB from DropBox (which I don't pay for). Since for me iDisk is a given (due to family MobileMe subscription), why shouldn't I be able to use it?

I use OmniFocus sync via iDisk (Mac/iPhone/iPad) and it works great.

On another topic:
Am I the only one checking the app store every few minutes to see if OO is there? :D

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