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popcornflix 2006-10-11 11:28 PM

One of the things Covey got right was the inclusion of the "MISSION CRITICAL" bookmark. It's a list of items that absolutely, positively MUST get done today without fail.

It's not a function of culling highest priority -- you have to actively CHOOSE something to be MC, then whatever day you assign it to, it ends up on the bookmark in the middle of your date book. (A nice drawer would work well for OF.)

I'd like the MC drawer to be an outline, so I can drag/drop, reorder, chunk and otherwise reorganize my MUST-DOs into an order that makes sense for the day.

(Although MC could be thought of as a context, it tends to be time-defined, rather than circumstantial. As in: "I HAVE to get this out the door today, because the meeting got pushed up.")

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