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Ken Case 2010-12-20 05:56 PM

[QUOTE=hotwheels22;90696]Is opml the /only/ export that retains all the data? Do you know if anything on the Mac works well with opml?

Ideally I would like to get something into Pages or something similar but I realize this may not be possible. It seems odd not to be able to export into something a little more convenient.[/QUOTE]

OmniOutliner does more than any other apps in this space, so there isn't any other app which can retain all the information which you might store in an OmniOutliner document. You can preserve the structure of the document by exporting to OPML, but you'll lose all attachments (images, sounds, movies) and some formatting; you can preserve a lot of formatting and attachments by using OmniOutliner Pro to export to Rich HTML, but you'll lose much of the structure and metadata; you can get a picture-perfect static copy by exporting to PDF, but it won't be editable and can't play back sounds or movies.

[QUOTE]I guess this is how they make sure you buy and keep your Omni license?[/QUOTE]

Actually, we've tried very hard to make sure that your data is as accessible and future-proof as possible: all Omni apps store their data natively as XML-tagged plain text, so you can open it in any text editor and get at all of your content.

But no matter how accessible we make the data, we can't make other apps support all the features we've implemented, so there's always bound to be something lost in translation. You'll need to decide which elements of the document are most important to you and pick the export format which preserves those elements the best.

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